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B&L Management Company

B&L is an all-encompassing real estate company with over 4 decades of expertise in creating value. Since the 1970’s, B&L has adhered to a hands-on approach to acquisition, development and management. This broad diversity of experience has enabled B&L to specialize in New York City mixed-use and multifamily market.

B&L has over 100 years of combined expertise in both being an owner-operator as well as third-party management resulting in excellent efficiency and profitable assets.

From our forward-thinking model, B&L has been successful in development, acquisitions, and joint-ventures spanning over 50 buildings throughout Manhattan.

Mission & Values

efficiency Efficiency B&L strives for efficiency by streamlining the process from our tenant move-in to rehabbing the apartments.
Partnership Partnership B&L works with hundreds of in house consultants and contractors, building a long-lasting partnership. We encourage our teams to work together
Approach Approach B&L takes an wholistic approach to managing their properties with everything in house from construction to leasing.
Responsibility Responsibility B&L recognizes and accepts the fiduciary responsibility entrusted to us by our clients.
Responsibility Value Creation B&L creates value by selecting the right tenants for our properties and maintaining our properties to the highest standards of quality.